A free Harry Potter Tour?!

I am sure that you’re all aware of my love for Harry Potter by now. It verges on obsessive to be quite honest, I adore it! I’m a proud Hufflepuff through and through. Kind and Loyal although I am not so sure about the patient part…

Recently, Strawberry Tours got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to attend a free tip-based Harry Potter tour around London. Obviously, I said YES! Keep reading to find out more… Muggles are allowed to read too!

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The planet friendly beauty product that you NEED

Everyone knows the planet is dying and I’m sure that we are all doing what we can to help. I now use metal straws and reusable cups. I turn my lights off when unnecessary and I try to not waste water or food. Beauty products are finally catching up and using recyclable packing and products.

Love, Beauty, Planet are an economically friendly brand who I cannot recommend to you guys enough honestly.

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