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Recently I went on an amazing trip to New York which you will know if you saw my most recent blog post or if you follow me on social media. I loved it, I’ve been twice before so I’ve done all of the tourist stuff so instead, I went around finding the Instagram spots, foodie hits and shops! Of course, I did some shopping in New York – what girl wouldn’t?

Without further ramblings, here is my haul and thoughts on my purchases. I will include and photo at the end with all of the products on my face too so you can get an idea of what look I created with the products.

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First up is this foundation from Neutrogena, I love their skincare but before now I had never tried any of their makeup. We don’t get Neutrogena in the UK so I wanted to test out some makeup. This foundation was the only thing that appealed to me and I didn’t want to go too crazy with shopping due to limited weight and a small suitcase.

I liked the idea that this is a hydrating foundation with hyaluronic acid. I know there are mixed reviews about hyaluronic acid in skincare but personally, I don’t mind it. My skin seems to like it and react well and I’ve had some issues with a breakout on my skin recently so I thought that this may help.

I really did want to like this foundation but I sadly didn’t. First of all, I don’t love the applicator. It’s not very hygienic, blendable or easy to use. I personally wiped the foundation onto my face with the applicator and then blended it in with a beauty blender. The foundation has a mouse like texture which is very strange and it seems to just sit on my skin rather than giving me a natural and even coverage.

I purchased my shade but it seems very orange on me. I did swatch it in store and the colour seemed right but on my face, it comes out orange so I’m not sure what happened there? I am going away soon though so it will be okay for after my vacation when I’m tanned. I would stay stick to cover girl, Maybelline or Loreal for foundations as this really wasn’t something that I would repurchase or recommend.

Next is probably the most exciting purchase in this entire haul. I did some research before New York and came across Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab. Bite Beauty lip lab is a store where you attend a workshop and create your very own lipstick in your perfect shade. I knew that this was something that I had to do whilst I was in New York City. I’ve never made my own lipstick before and I love Bite Beauty’s products so much!

The process was so much fun and if you check out my New York vlog linked here then you can see how I made it. I decided to go with a browny nude shade, one that I could keep in my handbag and wear daily. The closest shade to my custom lipstick that you can purchase is the shade 131 so I will include a link to that lipstick. My lipstick has a satin finish and a hint of coconut scent as my mum’s favourite scent is coconut and I wanted to add a touch of my mum into my perfect lipstick.

What do you guys think of this lipstick? I am so in love with it and I loved making my own lipstick – It was so much fun and thank you so much to the lovely girl who helped me! It was a pleasure meeting you.

My next purchase is SO EXCITING. I have NEVER owned an Urban Decay pallet. I’ve always wanted one but just couldn’t justify the amount on a basic everyday pallet that I knew I could find in the drugstore for an affordable cost. When I saw that Urban Decay were bringing out a pink eyeshadow pallet I knew that It was something I needed! Thanks to the exchange rate this pallet was a little cheaper and I justified it by saying it was my graduation gift to myself…

Need I even review this? Of course, it’s amazing! The pigment is incredible, there is no glitter fallout and the staying power without a primer is a good six hours. It has seven matte shades and 5 shimmery shades. The shimmery shades don’t have chunky glitter which I hate too.

If you are going to buy yourself or a friend something this Christmas make sure that it is this pallet. I promise you won’t regret it and in my opinion, it is worth every penny. I’ve used it non stop since I purchased it. I’m talking every single day.

Stay tuned until the end of this blog post to see it on my face…

I don’t know about you but I loved Katy Perry as a little girl. I remember picking up her pink album with a CD scented of candy floss and loving it. I played in repeat in the car to school. It would be the best part of the day – being dropped off and collected from school. I hated school but the carpool karaoke made the days better. I’m still not over the fact that Katy Perry and Russel Brand broke up as personally I thought they made the perfect couple. Did I mention that I met Russel Brand once and he kissed my head four times? Best day ever…

Anyway, when I saw this Kitten Katy Perry collab with Cover Girl I knew I had to try and lip gloss. All of the shades were very bright and out there as the beautiful Katy Perry is so I decided to pick up this lilac shade as it was the most appealing. I’m not normally a gloss girl because I find them too sticky.

This lip gloss is gorgeous. It is sticky but after a minute or too that goes when it sets into your lips. The colour is gorgeous, it’s not a typical colour that I would go for but I quite like that. It’s a gorgeous lilacy pink shade. The staying power isn’t great as as soon as I took a sip of my coffee it came off on the side of the cup but for a drugstore lip gloss, it’s to be expected. I would recommend this gloss to my friends – It’s fun!

The next two items excited me very much, I screamed a little bit in Target. I love face masks and especially sheet masks. Before they blew up in the UK, me and my mum would purchase them from Malaysia which is a holiday destination that myself and my family have been continuously going to since I was two years old until recently when we swapped it out for the Caribbean… dreamy I know!

I love sheets masks and when I saw these I just knew that they were perfect for a Christmas gift for my Mum. My mum loves black and white so I got her the panda and I love cats so I purchased myself these cat masks. It’s a good seven-hour flight to Antigua so I thought that we could use them when we arrive in the Caribbean for our dry post-flight skin.

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how mum and I get on with these comical masks…

My next purchase isn’t too exciting but it’s one that I’ve heard only good things about. I’ve tried Neutrogena skincare products as mentioned before but I don’t remember ever trying their makeup wipes.

I don’t use makeup wipes to remove makeup normally, only the odd eyeliner smudge. Saying that I thought these would be a good way to remove makeup and cleanse my skin on the long seven-hour flight to the Caribbean. I’m excited to try these and see if they are as good as the hype says that they are. Keep an eye on my Instagram again to see how I get on.

Last but not least, I’m not sure if this counts as beauty but I thought that I would throw it in here anyway. Target are famous for their huge, affordable and delicious candles so when I saw this pumpkin spice candle that smells like Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte I knew I needed it. Need not want…

At $10 for this huge candle I knew I had to buy it. I told my friend Leah that I wouldn’t buy any big candles or even festive ones as autumn is basically over but I couldn’t resist. Target’s candles are amazing so if you go to the USA or live there then definitely check out their candles. I don’t even need to light this for it to scent my office.

 ♥  The final look including all of the products mentioned in this hall  ♥ 

– Using the shade ‘ Young Love ‘

I hope that you guys enjoyed this haul It wasn’t a huge one but I only had limited luggage space and funds so I didn’t go too crazy. I will be doing a Bath and Body works and Glossier haul separately if you’re wondering where those pieces are if you saw my American beauty haul video on YouTube. Stayed tuned for those hauls and reviews coming soon.

See you all next Friday at 6 pm!

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