Autumn/Winter Primark Haul 

Hi Guys,

Recently I popped into Primark and got quite carried away buying bits for Autumn and Winter which happens to be my favourite seasons of the year! I just love cosying up in a jumper alongside some statement winter boots and jewellery.

I asked you on twitter if you would like to see a Primark haul and the majority of you said yes so here is the requested Primark haul!

– All locations for this look – book are in Cornwall, England!

– Everything, unless stated, can be found in Primark.

Look 1:


Necklace: Forever 21, Earrings: H&M, Helix ring: Claire’s Jeans: Topshop

Look 2:



Choker: BohoQueen, Wellies: eBay, Earrings: H&m

Look 3:


Helix Ring: Claires, Earrings: H&M, Choker: BohoQueen, Necklace: Forever 21

BoHo Queen Jewelry Review

Hi Guys,

Boho Queen jewelry recently got in touch with me offering me a statement necklace of my choice available from their very cute and unique website. Boho Queen makes unique necklaces, accessories, and swimwear all at an affordable price whilst still offering great quality.

They say that their website offers products fit for a queen – that sounds good to me?!

I picked out the Simple Shells necklace from their website as I thought it would be perfect for the many beach holidays that I have coming up both this year and next year!


I purchased this necklace and received it three days later bubble wrapped! There was no cost for shipping and I found the price of the necklace to be very affordable.

I am actually an ambassador for Boho Queen so I did receive a discount but even at its original price I find the necklace to be very good quality for its cost!

I would highly recommend that you go check out Boho Queens website. It’s the perfect place to find some high quality yet affordable accessories and swimwear. Whether you’re jetting off on a winter holiday or in need of some new statement necklaces Boho Queen is the perfect place!


DISCOUNT CODE: Get 20% off Boho Queens whole site using the code: BoHoQueen

Let me know what you think of the shell necklace and what your favorite pieces from boho Queens site are?

See you next Sunday at 6pm! 

– Lauren, xo

The student bible

Hi Guys,

I know that some of you are off to University in September so here are some of my top tips for your first year!

General Tips:

  • Bring some fancy dress outfits. You will need them for freshers week if not Halloween!
  • Don’t bring your whole wardrobe as tempting as it is. Pick out your favorite pieces and leave some clothes at home for when you go home for the weekend.
  • Berocca is a great hangover cure so I’ve been told!
  • Check your Harvard referring and quotes again and again! Don’t loose silly marks on forgetting to reference quotes or not referencing correctly!
  • Never use Wikipedia! It’s unreliable and usually incorrect.
  • Pick who you will live with in your second year carefully. Don’t be afraid to say no to people if you’re not sure about them! I’ve been very careful with whom I classified as I friend this year to avoid drama!
  • Stay organized and up to date when it comes to your work. Never miss a lecture and risk falling behind as it’s very hard to catch up unlike at school.
  • Try and get enough sleep. Sleep is very important in order for your well-being and education!
  • Join a gym. It’s great for your well being and mental state more than anything! Going for a run when you’re stressed is an instant anti-stressor and cheaper than a massage!
  • Always keep some backup money! I was awful at overspending my money when I thought that I had more than I did and I had to ask my Dad very nicely for some extra money which he wasn’t too happy about!
  • Don’t work too hard. University is also about making some new friends and having fun!

Save yourself some money:

Unidays: Make sure to sign up to Uni Days to receive some great discounts at your favorite stores such as; ASOS, Nike, Levi, Zizzi’s, Krispy Kreme. All you need to sign up is your student email.

Studentbeans: This is similar to Unidays. Sign up to student beans to gain even more student discounts. All you need to sign up is your student email.

NUS: Make sure to purchase an NUS card as you can get big discounts and deals in some of your favorite shops, restaurants, and bars. Purchase a card HERE.

Check out my other blog post – What to expect in your first year at University to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your first year at University! 

See you next Sunday at 6 pm for a new blog post! 

– Lauren, XO 

What to expect in your first year of University

Hi guys,

Going to University can be a very scary time in your life. It’s most likely to be your first time moving out of home to a new area all on your own. Before I attended University I had always been quite independent. The longest that I had been home alone for without my parents was two weeks where I did my own cooking, cleaning and washing whilst my parents were on holiday and even then I felt homesick and a little bit lost. Thankfully my friends drove me to and from college and hung out with me and my Mum taught me how to cook!

Living in a new town or city where you don’t know your way around and in a new flat with people you don’t know is quite a daunting experience to get your head around. Then there is the university which is a whole new learning experience with a lot more pressure than anything that you’ve previously experienced.

My best advice would be to embrace the experience. I was so excited about living on my own because I could decorate a new bedroom, experience true independence, and cook my own meals as well as also making some new friends in which I would hopefully have for life.

Shoutout to Amy and Kayleigh – the best flat mates and friends a girl could ask for!

Unfortunately for me, I had some issues with my accommodation as I had picked a new build which happened to be two months late thanks to the company Wilmot Dixon!! I stayed in a hotel for two months and I have done a total of 10 moves this year. Be warned that if you pick a new build it could be late meaning you go into temporary accommodation or a hotel for some time. It did make me even more thankful for my lovely new halls when I moved in however!



Freshers week was a completely new experience for me as before University I hadn’t really experienced going to nightclubs and being up past 11:30. Back in college, I was more of a gig girl going regularly to London to see my favourite artists in small venues and then usually heading straight home. Clubbing is defiantly a very different experience to gigs but I’ve found out that it’s a fun and social experience in which I now enjoy doing semi-regularly with my girl friends in order to catchup and have some fun.

14355722_549743008554246_2782076926323954088_n.jpgI enjoyed freshers week a lot more than I had expected to. I made some new friends, danced until my feet hurt and experienced a few hangovers. Even if you’re not the typical clubbing person I would highly recommend going to freshers week every single night. It’s such a great experience that you will most likely only enjoy once and freshers week is also a great opportunity to make some new friends and get rid of that homesick feeling.

In terms of lectures and University, I would recommend socialising with your course mates, listen to your lectures and ALWAYS take notes even if your lecturers are uploaded to an online platform. Staying organised and up to date will be your best friends when it comes to your degree.

Don’t fall behind. 

Check out my; Back To School Tips blog post!


You’re so lucky to have been accepted into university and not everyone is lucky enough to be able to attend University so don’t take it for advantage and if you feel that you’ve picked the wrong course YOU CAN transfer courses at the same university or local universities. Lecturers are there to support you as well as teach you so if you’re unhappy don’t be afraid to tell someone!

Have fun and a big well done and getting into University. You’ve worked hard to get this far so keep working hard and soon it will pay off I promise!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or tweet me @Laurenblogs_

– Laureno, XO