September Life Update ūüéďūüćā

Hi Guys,

I wanted to write a quick blog post explaining where I’ve disappeared to and why I haven’t blogged or been on social media recently in case you didn’t see my recent Snapchat update!

Last week I moved to Birmingham in order to start studying a Digital Marketing course at Birmingham City University. Unfortunately, my halls have been delayed and they won’t be built until October meaning that I am staying in a hotel for three weeks with terrible wifi!!

I will be back in October with fresh ideas and lots of new blog posts once I have moved in!

For now, I am enjoying settling into University and having fun during freshers week!!

I hope that you all understand what’s going on and don’t mind too much!

See you soon!

Lauren, XO 

PS: My snapchat is Laurennslife for those who didn’t know¬†

Back to school tips and tricks

Hi Guys,

I know that lots of you are going back to school, college or university in September so I thought that it would be a nice idea to do a back to school blog post where I give all of my most useful tips and tricks. I will be helping you with everything from organisation and motivational tips to revision tips. 

So let’s get started…


My first organisation tip would be to keep a diary, diaries can be great for planning how long you have until each exam. I use my diary to note down when I have an exam so that I can plan a 6-week intense revision timeline.

Another tip for exam prep is to colour code your subjects exams. Use a variety of different coloured page markers for each subject and mark your different subjects exams on their correctly dated pages in your diary.

Recently I was browsing Pinterest and I found these free printable organisers, they include anything from goal setting sheets, exam prep sheets and your school timetable planner. Make sure you check them out as they could be useful for everything from exam prep to keeping on track with your homework.

– Link to theorganisedstudents¬†page –¬†


How to stay motivated and keep your brain engaged 

Set Goals:

Make sure that you’re setting yourself some goals along the way.

Before an exam, I always give myself a 4-6 exam week revision timeline. I set daily and weekly goals as well as some reading lists for myself before my exam.

Reward yourself:

After finishing a goal I always like to reward myself with something. My rewards can be anything from a pamper evening to an evening out to the cinema with my friends.

Give yourself a break occasionally:

When you’re feeling stressed out or not in the right mindset to concentrate yourself a break. It’s so important to have regular breaks whilst revising anyway.

I like to give myself a 45-minute revision break every two hours and one hour break for lunch time.

If you’re feeling too stressed out or unimaginative then why not go for a walk around your neighbourhood. I know teachers constantly say this and you think to yourself what a silly idea that is and how it doesn’t do much but I promise you that going on a walk in the fresh air and getting out of the house does so much to clear your mind and de-stress.

Try something new: 

Whether it’s a new environment such as the library or a friends house or a swap to flash cards a change can make so much difference for your motivation. If you sit in the same seat for hours doing the same style of revision then, of course, you will get bored so try and change your revision style or location as regularly as you can and want to.

I always end up moving rooms at least twice a day whilst revising and I am constantly swapping between revision techniques.

Drink lots of water:

This tip is something that your parents will always tell you to do before an exam but it’s important to do whilst you work and revise too. Make sure you sip water as you work to keep your brain hydrated and switched on.


Apps: – (All free)

Google Drive:

“Make sure you always back up your work” was the most important advice that my teachers ever gave me. Google drive is a great online portal where you can back up your work and access it whenever you want and wherever you want. I use google for anything from web searching to creating powerpoints and writing essays as it’s free unlike word and always accessible.

Mind Meister:

Mind mapping is one of the best concepts for planning so I would highly suggest that you use this app. Again this app is useful for mind mapping on the go anywhere and everywhere.


This app is a great one to help with Harvard referencing. During college, this app came in so useful to help me reference links for my final project.

This app will come in useful for any essays or your finally project / dissertation that you do during school, college or University.

Khan Academy:

This app is great for GCSE & A-Level students as it offers a huge range of topics in which you will need to study for a range of subjects. I wish I had known about this app at school because it is so easy to use, read and revise.


I love to listen to music whilst I study and I know this isn’t for everyone but Spotify is my go to app for any kind of music.

Below are a few of my favourite study playlists:

Revision methods;

  • Flashcards
  • Mind maps
  • Mock questions or tests
  • Apps (See above)¬†

I hope that you enjoyed this back to school blog post! I am a very organised and hard working person who’s very motivated and I thought that it would be nice to share my tips and tricks.¬†

What’s your most useful back to school tip? I would love for you to let me know in the comments below!¬†

Check back soon for a new blog post, I post twice a month on the first and last Sunday of the month!

– Lauren, xo