What I eat in a day

Hi Guys,

All of my friends call me the healthy friend because I am always the friend that is snacking on healthy fruit bars rather than chocolate bars or drinking water rather than coke. In this blog post I will be showing you 4 healthy meal ideas.

– I thought it would be a nice idea to do a blog post all about what I eat in a day – pescatarian (Fish eater only) version!



– For breakfast today I cooked me and my parents some spinach and garlic mushroom scrambled eggs as a treat along with some lovely seeded toast.

I had this alongside a glass of water and a double shot cappuccino!



– Today I went to Ikea for lunch as I needed to do some shopping for University.

I had the vegetarian meatballs and couscous!



– My snack was a cappuccino with a spoonful of Agave nectar which is a vegan and healthier version of honey. I had this along with some chocolate covered raisins from Tesco.



– For dinner tonight I had some vegetarian spaghetti Bolognese using QUORN’s mince meat along with some brown spaghetti and grated cheddar cheese.

I had a glass of water with this!

Please let me know if you like these type of blog posts and if you would like to see more healthy related food posts?

Check back soon for a review of Chanel’s new mascara! 

-Lauren, XO 

May Favourites

Hi Guys!

This month I have had a lot of beauty and fashion items that I have been loving and so I asked you on Twitter if you would like to see a may favourites and almost all of you voted yes so here are my favourites…

Beauty and fashion:

PicMonkey Collage   PicMonkey Collage copy

My first favourite is Sanctuary Spa’s radiating and exfoliating scrub. It’s very good at getting rid of uneven bumpy skin and leaves you skin feeling bright and fresh. I have been using this in the shower twice a week to keep my skin radiant and smooth for the summer!

My next favourite is Radox’s grapefruit shower gel. For 99p you can’t really go wrong with the fruits and fresh smelling shower gel. Whenever I use this shower gel my bathroom always fills up with the lovely smell of grapefruit and basil.

My next favourite is The Body Shop’s coconut body butter. This body butter sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling moisturised for up to 4 days before you need to reapply it which is good for me as I’m very lazy when it comes to moisturising my skin.

My next l beauty favourite is Bath And Body Works Island margarita candle. This candle smells delicious – It smells zingy and sour just like a margarita cocktail should smell. I love this candle for the summer time and it keeps my room smelling deliciously fresh, sweet and zingy.

My next favourite is Chanel’s new Le volume De Chanel mascara.  I kindly got this sent this to try out and review on my blog and I can honestly tell you that I’m already in love with it. This mascara gives you an amazing length to the point where people have questioned if I was wearing fake lashes. Look out for a review coming soon…

My next favourite is NYX’s soft matte lip creams which is FINALLY available to buy in the UK. I have the shades Milan and Addis Ababa, one is a pale pink and the other is a hot pink colour, both of which are perfectly wearable and long-lasting. I would recommend that you pick these up now that they are available in the UK.

My first fashion favourite is ASOS’s mid length trench coat. This feels like its great quality, It fits well, goes with a lot of outfits and didn’t cost too much either. If you’re looking for a new smart coat which you can dress up or dress down then I would recommend this. (Hurry up, while it’s on sale!)

My final fashion favourites are my classic vans shoes. These are very comfy trainers which are easy to wear and comfortable to walk around in. These aren’t this prettiest or the most delicate shoes but they certainly are the comfiest.


PicMonkey Collage

First up is Katie Fforde’s new book “A summer at sea”. I’m not normally one for slushy love stories where two people unexpectedly get together but this book it lovely.

This book is easy and fast read which is perfect for the summer time. I normally read books the most when I’m on holiday lounging by the pool. I would highly recommend this book for an easy summer read!

The books blurb: On board a ‘Puffer’ steam boat in the Western isles of Scotland, Emily is spending an idyllic summer at sea. But it’s only for a summer, and Emily knows that soon she must return to her single life and career in town as a midwife. But she has not counted on the new friends she is making. Or the fun she is having. Or the attraction she is starting to feel for Alasdair, the handsome local doctor…”

My next lifestyle favourite is Biona’s raspberry cookies. These basically taste like a healthier version of Jammy Dodgers. I love these cookies for a kind of healthy alternative to your typical sugary and calorific biscuit that you crave with a cup of tea or coffee.

These do still have sugar and calories of course but they are a healthier alternative to your typical biscuit. 

My next lifestyle favourite is a person. This person is a Blogger called InTheFrow or Victoria. She has both a YouTube channel and a Blog in which she posts; Beauty, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle tips.

I have always loved Victoria’s content but recently I’ve found myself loving her even more and I have decided she’s my current favourite blogger and YouTuber – I aim to have a great blog like hers one day. Go check her out, you won’t regret it!

My final favourite is Instagram. I have phases between loving Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr but recently I’ve found myself feeling inspired to take beautifully bright and edited Instagram pictures. I love using Instagram to see; What makeup other bloggers are loving, the places people are traveling to, summer DIY’s and finally exciting new launches from brands.

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