American Beauty Haul

Hi Guys,

Finally, Here is my promised haul from my trip to America!

I have some beauty buys from; Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Bath and body works and finally Target. I had such a great time in America browsing all of the different products but sadly my suitcase could only fit so much so here is what I did buy and did struggle to fit in my suitcase …

First off is Bath and Body works;

Bath and body works is great. For those of you who don’t know, they do candles and body products such as gorgeous smelling hand sanitizers, body wash, body lotion and body sprays.

I could have shopped in Bath and Body works for hours smelling all of the candles but my Dad wouldn’t have been to amused I’m sure!!

First up is the Island Pink Pomelo foaming hand soap…


This soap smells so fresh and floral. There are hints of grapefruit and pomegranate. I love the way that the soap foams up too.

My hands always smell lovely whilst feeling moisturized after this. The Bath and Body Works foaming hand soaps are a must buy if you’re visiting America!

Next up is the Hawaii ‘Passionfruit’ Diamond shimmer mist…


This shimmer mist smells divine. It’s such a sweet summer smell and the shimmer that comes out of this bottle is amazing.

Your skin looks glowing from within without being too much and making you look like Edward from Twilight. (Sorry Twilight fans!)

Next up is the Raspberry Pink Peony hand sanitizer…


Bath and body works are well known for their luxurious smelling hand sanitizers with cute cases.

I picked up quite a few hand sanitizers from Bath and Body works as they were on an offer. This particular scent was/is my favorite! It’s quite sweet and fruity which is lovely for the summer time.

I just love the bright pink handbag case making the hand sanitizer constantly accessible as you can hang it on your handbag for use out and about. I travel around London a lot as I live close by so this is perfect.

Next up is the Island Margarita candle…


I had to, of course, buy a Bath and Body works candle to test out too…

This candle smells lovely and fruity and fresh whilst having a slight sower hint which is lovely for a bedroom in the summer. My only complaint is at how quickly this candle burns.

As you can see from the picture I have already burnt a quatre of the candle after only burning it for a few hours which is a shame but other than that the candle is great. Your whole room fills with the candles scent.

Next up is Sephora:

First of all, let’s talk about Sephora’s own brand products…


I haven’t tried either of these enough to comment whether they are good or not yet so I’m afraid I can’t tell you my opinions that I am excited to try them soon.

I have heard good things about Sephora’s cleansing water and lip stains so keep your eyes peeled on my blog for a review of them soon…

Next up is a range of lip products and some rather luxurious perfume…


I think NYX lip glosses are my new favorite glosses ever!

These lip stains last for about 4 hours which is pretty good for a lip gloss and the pigmentation is even better. These are definitely worth picking up in the states although I’m aware that NYX is now stocked in Boots. Hip Hip Hooray!

Kat Von D’s studded lipsticks are now one of the best lipsticks that I have ever owned. They last for around 6 hours without needing to be touched up and even when the lipstick comes off you are still left with a stain. 10/10 for pigmentation and staying power. Go pick this up right now form Sephora, You will NOT regret it!

Elizabeth and Arden rollable perfumes. – These smell great.

In the set, you get two perfumes, One floral perfume with hints of Peony and one musky perfume with hints of Vanilla. This is a great set of perfumes as you can have one very mature and floral daytime scent along with another mature and musky evening scent.

The lasting power is a good 4 hours max although my YSL – Manifesto perfume definitely lasts a good 12 hours against this. I would recommend this perfume if you want some luxurious perfumes to shove in your handbag or clutch bag.

Finally, there is a range of drugstore beauty;


Hallelujah – I think that this is one of the most talked about pallets on the Internet and there a very good reason for that being the case.

This is probably one of the most expensive eyeshadow pallets that I have brought but as you can see I have had my use from it. This cost me around £30 but It’s one of the best £30 that I have spent. I use the pallet on a daily basis because the quality is basically incredible.

The Pigmentation is out of this world and the staying power of the shadows is pretty great too. This palette came with a primer which I am yet to use but to be totally honest with you, you don’t even need it thanks to the shadows great staying power.

If you can get your hands on this when you are in America then I would highly recommend that you do. This pallet is normally completely sold out everywhere. I got my pallet from Ulta Beauty and basically cried of joy when I saw that this pallet was in stock with only two left.

Last but not least are a few bits from Elf cosmetics which I picked up in Target…


In target, I picked up the Elf Cosmetics BB Cream in the shade 02.

I love this coverage that this BB cream gives. I would say that this is a medium coverage BB cream without being cakey or oily. It’s very comfortable to wear in the summer if you don’t want anything too heavy.

As for Elf’s blusher, this is lovely to wear when you are tanned. It’s an orange / Peachy colored blush with specks of gold glitter. It’s very brightening and highly pigmented, perfect for summer evenings and dinners out on holiday.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer holiday and I will see you soon!

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Lauren, XO