20 facts about me

1: Name?:

My name is Lauren Currie

Yes like the food but not quite… haha 🙁
2:Middles Name/s?:
Bethany Rose.
3: Size?:
I am 5ft 7 ish!
4: Size Feet:
My Feet Are Sized 6. I Have Big Feet! 🙁
5: Favorite Flowers :
Lilies and Peonies
6: I’m Very Organised
7: Favorite Food?:
Salmon En Croute and Cookies!
8: Favourite American Food?:
Cookies And Cream Pop Tarts
9: Favourite Animal?:
Cat. (I get called the crazy cat lady although i do not have a cat sadly!)
10: Celebrity Crush?:
Chris Hemsworth
11: I am a Pescetarian:
I eat Fish But Not Meat.
12: Favourite Holiday Location?:
Malaysia, Penang.
13: Old Pets You Had?:
Two Goldfish called Shannon And Georgia. (Named after my primary school friends)
14: I Find Phone Calls Awkward:
15: I am a huge coffee addict
I hate tea but coffee is lovely in the morning with breakfast
16: Job I Wanted When I was Younger?
To be a mermaid until I realized they were’t real and you can’t be a mermaid as a job…
17: I’m Addicted To Sims 3
18: First Job?:
Paper Round
19: Scared Of?:
Wasp’s, Bees, The Dark
20: Dream
My dream is to have a very nice cozy house with a ragdoll kitten.Located in London or New York. I want to have a job as a journalist and marry a very attractive and kind man 😉

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